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About us

Realsearch.com & FEINSearch.Com = Liberty Data, Inc
The National Leader in Business Federal Tax ID Verification: Smarter Data. Instant Access.

FEINSearch.com is owned by LibertyData.net INC, LibertyData compiles and maintains dozens of consumer and business databases for Background Reports, Compliance, Analytics and Direct Marketing applications. Feature databases include a our Employer Identification Database - the largest in the USA, a national Business file, Criminal & Arrest Records, Secretary of State , Professional Licenses,complete Business & Consumer Background Reports. LibertyData acts as a sources compiler for marketing campaigns benefiting many of the nations largest marketers. FEINSearch.com is a private entity and not affiliated with any state or federal government.

ABOUT Realsearch & Feinsearch.Com (Liberty Data, Inc)

Get Instant access to intelligent, up-to-date, Business and People Data. Smart, friendly account representatives are ready to help you learn more, get instant access or run your batches to save you time and labor. Realsearch.com powers Feinsearch.com; both are owned by LIBERTY Data, Inc and serve members since 2006. Our comprehensive people and business data arm businesses in America with the tools needed to validate EIN, check backgrounds on people, employees, vendors and customers. We have over 30 Terabytes of secure, fresh, intelligent, deep data power. We are the single, largest repository of US business and tax ID records in the US. No other company even comes close. As a former vendor for Dun & Bradstreet , LIBERTY extracts fresh data from state & federal governments, as well as private purchases on a continual basis.

Did you know ? Access complete EIN Business Reports, People Background Reports, Criminal Records, Assets & more. Validate Identity, Know more about vendors, customers & employees instantly with Realsearch.Com - the power behind FEINsearch.Com. Need an API, High Volume Batch, or Multiple Seats - no problem. Developer.Realsearch.com. Corporate Inquiries 800-299-8280 sales@realsearch.com

Feinsearch.com Members enjoy access to full Business & People Backgrounds on Realsearch.com. Dual access gives you more access to more awesome Searchable premium data on Realsearch.com !

You will find complete skiptrace and address data, criminal and arrest record, licenses, assets, and the most complete business data set available with Federal Tax ID numbers - unavailable anywhere else. We are the Federal Tax ID Search Experts.

Key Benefits:

  • Private Data Provider with EIN Validation under 1 roof
  • Comply with Federal Laws
  • Know Your Customer
  • Prevent Fraud & Manage Risk
  • Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions
  • Arm Your Staff with Smarter Data now
  • API, Multi Seat & Data Batching Services

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