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Corporate Enterprise Solutions

Protect your Company. Verify & Comply with the Laws. Our registered members includes many major US corporations as well as government agencies. We recognize that the needs of our large corporate clients are different so here at REALSearch.com we can customize our searches to meet your specific needs. Multiuser licenses are also available. Three enterprise access solutions:

  • API Integration: Integrate our EIN Verification data into your applications, website or Corporate Intranet
  • BATCHING: Send us your large files, we’ll append, crunch & process. Sending back your matched, appended & verified EIN data
  • CORPORATE MULTI-SEAT Data Access: Arm your staff with Business Data Intelligence tools from & RealSearch.Com, our parent company Corporate EIN Lookup Plans – Search & Verify EIN & Much more

API Data Access Options include:

  • EIN Verification & Append
  • Business Online Fraud Prevention XML Multi-Tiered Solution
  • Cell Phone Finder & Reverse

Click here for API Details.

MULTI-SEAT Plans: Do you need ten, or hundreds of seats on a custom plan? No Problem. Tell us how many seats, which files you need, & estimated monthly searches per file, all our clients can use the online interface to run EIN lookups from their own desktop regardless of location. However we also offer a proprietary “EIN Batch-Match” service geared specifically for clients with high volume needs.

“EIN Batch-Match” Service – We Do All The Work

You supply us with an input file (up to one million records) and our EIN Batch-Match service quickly and accurately appends EINs and business data. Most EIN Batch Matching processing can take place in as little as 24 hours. Our comprehensive and ever-growing database of millions of tax ID and business records allow us to provide you with much more than just an EIN match. How to get started?  Just email your MS EXCEL or CSV file to sales@realsearch.com > then give us a call at 800-299-8280 

Items appended can include:

  • EIN or Tax ID Number
  • NAICS or SIC Code
  • Phone and Fax Numbers (where available)
  • Updated NCOA – Cass Certified Addresses
  • Year Started
  • Number Employees
  • Sales Size and Revenue
  • Plus more – please ask us
FREE Batch Match analysis – Simply send us your Excel data file – we will crunch it, analyze and call you with results and a proposal that works for you.  You get all your data corrected, appended, if missing, and enhanced with updated addresses (optional) and enhanced Data Points.

DATA INTEGRATION: XML & API Easy install into your own servers, website or software. Seamlessly API Data access our massive EIN database from your own software applications. Our XML-based web service technology allows you to integrate real-time EIN data directly into your applications.

We will provide your IT department with all the necessary documentation and specifications in order for your software application to either locate or verify a Tax ID. Your application retrieves the EIN data from our database in real-time and returns it to your user. Both forward searches (search by company name and address) and reverse searches (search by EIN) are available.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please use our contact form below. Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  Volume Corporate plans & packages can be tailored to fit your needs & budget.


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Get Started:

As with every contract, we regard your information and needs highly confidential and respect the details of our conversation, and your particular corporate needs. Therefore, we have prepared a standard MUTUAL Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once we review your needs and you choose the Data Solution that meets your requirements (API, Batch Matches, Multiple Seats or a combination) then we move to a simple ONLINE SERVICES AGREEMENT.